Deal covers Leica’s microscopy hardware and the Definiens XD software.

Leica Microsystems and Definiens will co-market a range of Leica microscopy hardware such as the company’s TCS SP5 confocal imaging instrumentation and Definiens XD software for multidimensional image analysis in high-content screening. The companies will also host joint workshops and educational events under the co-marketing agreement.

Leica recently released its first high-content screening automation package for confocal research microscopes, Leica HCS A, designed for automated imaging in multiple dimensions. The package enables experiments ranging from automated image recording routines to multidimensional high-content screening, with simultaneous image export for analysis by external software such as Definiens Developer XD.

Definiens Developer XD enables automated analysis of cases that previously required manual segmentation. It is an integrated software development environment designed for the entire range of biomedical image analysis problems and works with any imaging modality as well as 2-D, 3-D, and time-lapse applications.

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