Debi Durham
Debi Durham
Director, Iowa Economic,
Development Authority and
Iowa Finance Authority
Dennis Erb
Dennis Erb, PhD
Managing Director,
University of Iowa
Balaji Narasimhan
Balaji Narasimhan, PhD
Professor of Engineering,
Iowa State University

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America’s heartland is rapidly becoming the go-to place for advanced bioscience research, and the Hawkeye State lies at its epicenter. Capitalizing on its success in agriculture and its research capabilities in plant, animal, and human biosciences, Iowa is building a thriving biotechnology industry. From startup companies to globally respected industry leaders in research and development, Iowa’s bioscience enterprises are uncovering innovations that will spur future economic growth.

In this GEN webinar, we will hear a series of presentations highlighting some of the high-quality bioscience research that is emerging from various industries across Iowa. Specifically, two of our presenters will discuss not only the manufacturing and testing capabilities to advance new vaccine candidates into clinical trials, but also some of the technological advances, facilities, and infrastructure that are being applied to pandemic preparedness and rapid vaccine development.

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