Ingenix’ new segment will focus on nonclinical and consultancy services.

Ingenix is moving out of the Phase II–III trials support arena through the sale of its i3 businesses to InVentiv Health, another provider of outsourced clinical development services. Ingenix’ decision to sell off its clinical development operations coincides with the firm’s announcement that it is setting up a new division, Ingenix Life Sciences, which will focus on offering nonclinical and consultancy services.

InVentiv’s acquisition will include the Ingenix businesses i3Research, i3 Statprobe, and i3 Pharma Resourcing, which together generate about $400 million in annual gross revenues. The firm said the i3 brand name will be retained, and aligned with InVentiv’s existing clinical development offerings.

Ingenix’ new life sciences operation, meanwhile, will focus on providing global services and consultancy for product commercialization, safety, regulatory, and late-phase activities. The new division will incorporate a number of Ingenix’ current business units, including Innovus, Quality Metric, Pharma Informatics, Drug Safety/Epidemiology, along with the canReg and ChinaGate Regulatory Consulting businesses.

Lee Valenta, COO of Ingenix, has been named president of Ingenix Life Sciences. “This new Ingenix Life Sciences division helps to sharpen our focus on what we do best,” he comments, “helping pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device companies address the changing global competitive, economic and regulatory landscape, to demonstrate the comparative effectiveness and value of their products earlier in the commercialization process.”

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