Trianni granted Immunomic Therapeutics a license to its Trianni Mouse™ platform for generating fully human antibodies. Immunomic said it would combine the transgenic mouse technology with its own lysosomal associated membrane protein (LAMP)-based nucleic acid vaccine LAMP-Vax platform to develop new anticancer therapies. No financial details were disclosed.

The agreement comes just days after Immunomic reported licensing Annias Immunotherapeutics’ cytomegalovirus (CMV) antigen-targeting platform

“We are hopeful that combining our investigational LAMP-Vax approach, which utilizes the body’s natural biochemistry to help fight cancer, with Trianni’s best-in-class monoclonal human antibody discovery platform, will result in new solutions for hard-to-treat cancer types,” commented Teri Heiland, Ph.D., vp for R&D at Immunomic.

“We believe that the unparalleled human antibody repertoire afforded by The Trianni Mouse will yield successful new solutions for the treatment of cancer when combined with ITI's investigational technology,” added David Meininger, Ph.D., Trianni’s CBO.

San Francisco-based Trianni claims its Trianni Mouse is the only human transgenic mouse platform to express a full human antibody repertoire in a single organism. The mouse is engineered with genetic loci that are optimized for the expression of antibodies that are completely human in their variable domains, but that retain the mouse constant regions. As a result, the mice are not immunocompromised and demonstrate robust lymphocyte development and immune responses.

Within the last 4 months, Trianni has signed separate licensing agreements for the Trianni Mouse platform with Magenta Therapeutics, GigaGen, the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, and Janssen Biotech.

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