Gilead will provide research funding to use AnaptysBio’s SHM-XEL platform.

Gilead Sciences inked a deal with AnaptysBio to develop antibody therapeutics. Antibodies generated by AnaptysBio using its proprietary SHM-XEL platform will be transferred to Gilead for worldwide development and commercialization.

Gilead has paid an up-front fee and will provide research funding to AnaptysBio through the antibody-generation process. AnaptysBio is due to receive development milestone payments from Gilead as well as royalties upon sales of each product derived from the partnership.

Founded in 2005, AnaptysBio is focused on the generation of antibody therapeutics using somatic hypermutation (SHM) for discovery and optimization. SHM is the body’s natural process for generating potent antibodies. AnaptysBio says that its SHM-XEL platform couples fully human antibody libraries with in vitro SHM in mammalian cells to generate high-affinity lead candidates.

The technology replicates key features of the human immune system and overcomes limitations of prior antibody technologies, according to AnaptysBio. By harnessing the natural mechanism of antibody maturation under controlled conditions, SHM-XEL allows for the selection of optimal antibody properties such as high affinity, functionality, cross-reactivity, and epitope diversity, the firm adds.

AnaptysBio has established broad intellectual property around the use of SHM and is currently building a pipeline of antibody product candidates on its own as well as with partners. The firm is collaborating with Celgene, DARPA, Merck & Co., Novartis, Roche, and VLST. Its in-house candidates target autoimmune diseases, cancer, and muscle wasting disorders.

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