Event Date: July 27, 2022
Time: 11:00 am – 3:00 pm ET

Advanced cell therapies continue to be a fantastic success story for both the biotech and life sciences industries, but most importantly for patients who have witnessed first-hand the lifesaving potential of these biotherapeutics. In addition, cell therapies are at the vanguard of many precision medicine initiatives, from off-the-shelf products designed to treat a broad range of patients, to personalized therapeutics that have been engineered to compliment patients’ genetics. Yet, with all their success comes the challenges that researchers face daily—donor access, scaling manufacturing operations, and safety, to name a few. Understanding the current cell therapy landscape and incorporating the lessons learned from previous successes and failures will allow the industry to keep pushing the limits of what’s possible scientifically while helping speed up new safe, efficacious therapies to market.

This GEN Summit has amassed an extraordinary selection of thought leaders to discuss the latest trends, newest technologies, and practical solutions to common challenges that face organizations devoting their time to cell therapy research. Our summit will kick off with an exciting keynote address from William HoPresident, CEO, and Co-Founder of IN8bio, which is focused on delivering a novel off-the-shelf cell therapy for the treatment of cancer. Together, during this half-day conference, we will discover the current state of the cell therapy space and hear about the amazing potential that many novel cell therapies have to truly impact patients’ lives.

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