Hypha claims proprietary fermentation technology generates compounds that show increased chemical novelty.

Evotec negotiated access to U.K.-based Hypha Discovery’s MycoDiverse™ fungi-derived natural product screening library. The deal means Evotec will be able to offer the library to clients through its hit and lead identification services.

Hypha currently has access to over 2,500 strains of higher basidiomycete and ascomycete fungi, many from South American and South East Asian rainforests. The firm’s MycoDiverse library comprises low-molecular weight compounds derived from temperate and tropical basidiomycete fungi (mushrooms and toadstools).

The library is generated using a proprietary fermentation technology that uses stimulators and growth media to reproduce stress of life for rainforest fungi. Hypha claims this promotes the production of biologically active molecules with unusually high chemical novelty.

“We see access to Hypha’s high-quality natural product collection as a logical step towards offering our customers further choices for lead identification,” comments Mark Ashton, Ph.D., Evotec’s evp business development.

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