Partners expect to launch first set of assays early in 2010.

EMD Chemicals reported a research and commercial collaboration with MitoSciences related to the detection and profiling of mitochondrial toxicity and activity. The companies will co-develop multiplex immunoassay products for EMD Chemicals’ WideScreen™ BeadPlex™ platform.

The first set of assays is scheduled for availability in early 2010. The kits will be sold to pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies as well as academic institutions. EMD Chemicals and MitoSciences will continue to collaborate to design, create, and release new products that meet the evolving requirements of their customers.

Under the terms of the agreement, MitoSciences granted EMD Chemicals exclusive rights to a new offering of currently unlicensed mAbs for monitoring mitochondrial toxicity and bioactivity. MitoSciences will work exclusively with EMD Chemicals to validate the new WideScreen™ assays for use in drug-screening applications.

“MitoSciences has long been aware of the need for multiplex immunoassay panels against mitochondrial and other metabolic proteins,” comments Jean-Paul Audette, president and CEO.

Christina Shasserre, vp and head of global biosciences for Merck KGaA and EMD Chemicals, adds, “To develop safer drugs and save time and resources in the process, the evaluation of toxicity is a clear focus in preclinical drug development. Testing the effect of drug candidates on mitochondrial processes such as metabolism and replication as an important aspect of toxicity profiling.”

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