Companies expect first commercial kits will be available by year-end.

Cygnus Technologies is partnering with Gyros to develop application-specific immunoassay kits optimized to run on the Gyros platform. The firms expect a number of kits will be available before the end of 2010.

Gyros specializes in the application of microfluidics for miniaturizing and automating immunoassay capabilities. The firm’s flagship Gyrolab™ platform exploits centrifugal force and capillary action in combination with automation and microfluidics to enable immunoassays at the nanoliter scale. It claims the flexibility of the technology means the Gyros platform can be applied to assays across a broad spectrum, from early discovery and development through to preclinical/clinical trials and postmarket surveillance. Typical applications include pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics, toxicokinetics, biomarker monitoring, immunogenicity, product quantification, and impurity testing.

New partner Cygnus provides specialized analytical products to the pharmaceutical and biotech industries for use in process development and quality control, including a range of validated generic kits and immunoassay reagents.

The firms claim the partnership will benefit both their sets of clients. “Major biopharmaceutical companies and their service providers, CROs and CMPs, are using the Gyros immunoassay platform to increase the productivity and efficiency of their workflows,” claims Gyros CEO, Erik Walldén. “Cygnus Technologies is well established as a provider of kits and reagents that meet the specific demands of these workflows. The open design of our platform together with the convenience of validated kits will further transform lab productivity.”

“Before entering this agreement we naturally reviewed several platforms,” adds Ken Hoffmann, Cygnus president. “We concluded that the nanoliter-scale immunoassay format of the Gyros solution can be the most beneficial for many of our customers.”

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