Hovione and Solvias are working together on the development and GMP supply of pharmaceutical co-crystals. Hovione says this deal will strengthen its expertise in overcoming drug delivery challenges and also the supply of GMP materials from Phase I to commercial scale.

Hovione offers particle-engineering technologies focused on amorphous solid dispersions, crystal design, and reduction and control of particle size. The collaboration provides Hovione access to Solvias’ co-crystallization expertise and capabilities, thus reinforcing and complementing the crystal design solutions to overcome poor bioavailability and other drug delivery challenges.

“This agreement reinforces our strategy of combining strengths with innovative companies to allow our customers a seamless and integrated approach to their drug delivery challenges,” said Colin Minchom, Ph.D., Hovione’s vp of particle design.

“In establishing this agreement with Hovione, we are able to generate added value for our customers and to help them solving their drug delivery requirements,” added Martina Diekmann, Ph.D., Solvias’ global head of business development analytics.

Crystallization is increasingly important in the isolation and purification of drug substances, according to Solvias. Many compounds cannot be separated by distillation and the processing costs can be prohibitively high for separation by chromatography, so the firm notes that optimized crystallization is an alternative processing choice. Solvias says that dedicated or combined co-crystal programs are targeted to identify the best solid forms for further development based on criteria including stability, solubility, processability, and ease of preparation.

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