ReGel is being tested in a Phase II trial to deliver paclitaxel in esophageal cancer patients.

BTG granted Allergan an exclusive, worldwide license to its ReGel® drug-delivery system for ophthalmology indications. The product is a thermosetting gel that solidifies when injected into the body and has been deisgned to provide high local concentrations of a drug for a sustained period, BTG explains.

Allergan has multiple drug candidates in development, including a preclinical program in age-related macular degeneration. Its clinical pipeline consists of Phase II compounds for ocular surface disease, glaucoma, and other retinal diseases. Additionally, Ozurdex is in Phase III for diabetic macular edema and under FDA review as a therapy for uveitis. Also under FDA review is Lumigan for glaucoma treatment and Zymar for eye-related infections.

BTG is using ReGel in OncoGel™, its clinical-stage product designed to deliver paclitaxel to the tumor site while minimizing exposure to other organs. OncoGel is currently undergoing a Phase II b trial in patients with esophageal cancer.

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