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High-throughput screening is a valuable tool in drug discovery, enabling the identification of small molecule modulators of biochemical activities and interactions. Traditional methodologies rely on cumbersome labels, such as fluorophores, antibodies and radioisotopes, leading to elevated rates of false positive results and increased costs. Label-free formats like mass spectrometry aim to address many of these challenges; however, conventional approaches lack either (A) the throughput needed for large screening campaigns, or (B) they require compromising assay conditions that sacrifice data quality for speed. In this webinar, we will showcase a superior assay solution that offers both label-free and high-throughput capabilities to initiate hit finding campaigns for virtually any target. By combining self-assembled monolayers on high density biochip arrays with matrix-assisted laser desorption ionization (MALDI) mass spectrometry (MS), SAMDI technology enables rapid quantitative assays that can screen millions of compounds per week.

During this webinar, we will first explore the application of SAMDI to analyze biochemical activities, including opportunities to multiplex reactions, generating twice the data in half the time. Next, we will illustrate a SAMDI affinity selection MS (ASMS) format, enabling high-throughput screening of small molecule binders to protein and oligonucleotides such as RNA. Finally, we will discuss the culture of cells on SAMDI biochips, highlighting the capacity to identify small molecule binders to cellular receptors and measure cellular enzyme activities in a label-free and high-throughput manner. In summary, SAMDI mass spec unlocks new possibilities for faster and more reliable high-throughput screens in diverse drug discovery programs.

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A live Q&A session followed the presentation, offering a chance to pose questions to our expert panelist.

Zack Gurard-Levin
Zack Gurard-Levin, PhD
Science Director, Discovery
Charles River Laboratories