StressMarq Biosciences negotiated a nonexclusive commercial license to use U.K. firm Innova Biosciences’ Lightning-Link® technology for the development of antibody conjugate research tools. StressMarq offers a range of purified proteins as western blot controls and activity assays, along with a range of antibodies targeting cellular stress and ion channels and transporters, ELISA kits for cellular stress research (primary heat shock protein and DNA damage), and complementary small molecules, including inhibitors and activators of cellular pathways.

Innova Biosciences specializes in bioconjugation (antibody labeling) technologies. Its flagship Lightning-Link platform has been designed to simplify the production of conjugates for research and immunodiagnostic applications, requiring just 30 seconds hands-on time, no separation steps, and 100% antibody recovery, the firm claims. More recently the firm launched the first in a prospective family of InnovaCoat™ Gold kit for the covalent conjugation of gold nanoparticles to antibodies, proteins, and biomolecules, which it claims allows the generation of ready-to-use antibody-gold conjugates in just 15 minutes.

Innova in addition offers services for optimizing the performance of conjugates and the development of immunodiagnostic kits with improved sensitivity.

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