Ion’s semiconductor technology reportedly nixes the need for optical detection methods.

Ambry Genetics is the first authorized customer service provider (CSP) in Ion Torrent’s new service provider program. The Ion Torrent Authorized CSP Program is designed to assure customers that Ambry and any future CSPs joining the program have been tested and trained by Ion Torrent in the use of its semiconductor sequencing technology.

“We’ve been generating data with the Ion Personal Genome Machine (PGM™) for six months and are excited about launching services on this platform and being the first customer service provider,” says Charles Dunlop, CEO of Ambry Genetics.

The benchtop Personal Genome Machine for mid-scale sequencing projects is expected to have an entry cost of under $100,000. Ion uses PostLight technology to develop a semiconductor chip-based sequencing system. The firm believes that this technique negates the need for optical detection methods.

Last year Ion Torrent was bought by Life Technologies for $375 million in cash and shares. Ion shareholders are entitled to receive another $350 million in cash and Life Tech stock dependent on the achievement of certain milestones over the next couple of years.

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