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SinoBio eBook cover - February 2024

Welcome to this recent eBook, providing you with foremost and comprehensive insights on drug discovery in various research fields. This publication not only features advanced tools for drug discovery, such as recombinant antibodies, cell-free expression systems, transmembrane proteins, and organoids, but also covers cutting-edge treatments, such as next-generation antibody therapy, immuno-cell therapy, and targeted therapy, allowing you to gain invaluable experience in drug discovery across the fields of cancer, immunology, neuroscience, and other scientific research.

Drug discovery refers to the development of medicines that improve patient health by identifying and characterizing molecules with therapeutic potential for disease. The key to drug discovery is the identification of new targets, and the new drugs must have a desired effect on a specific biological target to treat the disease. Biochemical assays, cell cultures, and various animal models used in

the laboratory play an important role in early drug discovery. Drug discovery is time-consuming, requiring the collaboration of multiple disciplines. Fortunately, with the help of advanced drug discovery platforms and methods, we can speed up the process. For example, antibody engineering and production are essential tools in drug discovery, providing powerful and specific therapeutics and diagnostic materials for various diseases. The multi-pass transmembrane protein development platforms provide high-quality raw materials for early-stage drug development, addressing the limitations of difficult-to-use. As an emerging tool for drug discovery research, organoids derived from patient cells help identify human-specific drug targets, and can even develop optimal treatments for individual patients.

In summary, this eBook is designed to empower scientists and researchers with a comprehensive understanding of advanced tools for drug discovery in various research fields. We hope that the creative approaches presented in this collection of articles will provide navigation for drug discovery, thereby accelerating the pace of drug discovery and advancing research on various scientific fields.


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