Chemistry outsourcing firm Cambridge Major Laboratories (CML) is merging with contract services company AAIPharma Services with the aim of forming the premier global supplier of integrated CMC services. The merger is expected to close by the end of October.

Patrick Walsh, CEO of AAIPharma Services, said in a statement that the new combined organization will provide services including process chemistry, solid-state chemistry, API manufacturing, formulation development, analytical development and testing services, clinical and commercial finished dosage form manufacturing (oral solid and sterile), packaging, and stability services.

“The basis for the merger was to start with the right building blocks—a merger of two equals: two highly respected, market-leading firms with proven expertise in API development, analytical chemistry, and finished dosage forms,” said Brian Scanlan, CEO & president of CML. “We believe that we have a strong foundation to deliver superior customer-oriented solutions to expedite drug development and commercialization.”

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