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For almost two years, the COVID-19 pandemic has garnered the world’s attention. As waves of cases and deaths have ebbed and flowed, the focus of conversation has changed over time. As 2021 draws to a close, the question on everyone’s mind is how the mRNA vaccines will hold up over time and the importance of boosters. To fully understand the remarkable feat achieved through the development of the mRNA COVID-19 vaccine, one needs to know the history.

In this GEN Live event, we are excited to be joined by Gregory Zuckerman, a journalist for the Wall Street Journal and author of the new book: A Shot to Save the World: The Inside Story of the Life-or-Death Race for a COVID-19 Vaccine, who will take us on a deep dive into the inside story behind vaccine development for the COVID-19 vaccines. His new book tells the stories of the people who played a role – some of whom became famous overnight and others whose efforts have remained unrecognized.  

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Gregory Zuckerman
Gregory Zuckerman
Special Writer
Wall Street Journal