WuXi STA, a CRDMO, added two 2,000 L reactors and a large-scale continuous purification system for peptide manufacturing at its Changzhou campus. The new additions enhance the capability and capacity of WuXi TIDES, an end-to-end CRDMO platform for oligonucleotide, peptide, and related synthetic conjugates, according to a WuXi official, who adds that TIDES drug development will be strengthened by providing all discovery, CMC development, and the manufacturing supply chain under one roof.

With the two new 2,000 L reactors in operation, the total reactor volume of the solid phase peptide synthesizers (SPPS) at WuXi TIDES has increased to over 10,000 L.

In addition to the peptide capacity expansion, WuXi TIDES also added a new continuous purification system that features 300-DAC twin columns for continuous purification of kilogram-scale peptide and oligonucleotide.

Faster turnaround

The continuous mode enables a purification process with a faster turnaround time and lower solvent consumption, allowing for a more efficient and sustainable peptide and oligonucleotide manufacturing, says Minzhang Chen, PhD, Co-CEO of WuXi AppTec and CEO of WuXi STA. The Changzhou site is an integrated API process R&D and manufacturing site, he continues.

“As a crucial node of our API process R&D and manufacturing networks, the Changzhou 74-acre campus now has 1,848 chemists and analytical scientists and a total reactor volume of 1931 m3. The Changzhou site also features API-enabling technology platforms, including flow chemistry and high-potency APIs (HPAPIs),” explains Chen.

“The HPAPI facility, with an occupational exposure limit (OEL) of 10 ng/m3, is equipped with 10 m3 total reactor volume, including HPAPI reactors up to 3,000 L. The flow chemistry platform at the site has 16 production lines that cover 20 reaction types, including photo reactions. Hydrogenation, and electrochemistry.”

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