Global CDMO WuXi Biologics launched a new proprietary bioprocessing platform WuXiUITM, which the company describes as “an ultra-intensified, fed-batch solution that enhances the productivity and quality of multiple different CHO or other mammalian cell lines and product modalities.”

WuXiUI applies an intermittent-perfusion fed-batch (UI-IPFB) strategy in upstream production to realize a three- to six-fold increase in productivity in a typical culture duration of 14 days for a fed-batch process for different molecule modalities such as monoclonals, bispecifics, and recombinant proteins, according to Chris Chen, PhD, company CEO. For example, by leveraging WuXiUI, the titer of a bispecific antibody achieved 25 g/L in 14 days (five times higher than the same-scale traditional fed-batch process), he added.

“WuXiUI reduces drug substance manufacturing COGS by an estimated 60–80 percent compared to traditional fed-batch processes in single-use bioreactors, enhancing the competitiveness of commercial products,” continues Chen. “The platform is also easily adopted and can be scaled up/out in existing facilities without additional requirements for major equipment or complex operations, bringing minimum changes to the downstream process. Adhering to WuXi Biologics’ ESG (environmental, social, governance) strategy, WuXiUI has a lower carbon footprint than traditional or other intensified fed-batch processes due to more efficient media consumption and reduced waste generation.”

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