WuXi Biologics, a CRDMO, reports that three sets of 5,000L single-use bioreactors have been installed in the second drug substance line at its drug substance manufacturing facility in Hangzhou (MFG20), which became operational in 2021. With the GMP production of the newly installed bioreactors, the total capacity of the facility is to be increased from 8,000L to 23,000L, which will further enhance the company’s manufacturing capability for global clients, notes Chris Chen, PhD, CEO of the company.

The larger reactor size improves manufacturing efficiency by lowering the number of production batches and decreases production cost by reducing equipment, labor, and material consumption, continues Chen. Single-use technologies are widely adopted across WuXi Biologics’ global manufacturing network, at scales ranging from 200L to 4,000L. The new 5,000L single-use bioreactors at MFG20 are expected to complete GMP release later this year.

“The addition of 5,000L single-use bioreactors is a major milestone in our company’s offerings, as we enhance capacity and capability to meet the needs of our clients,” says Chen. “As a leader in utilizing single-use technologies to accelerate biological manufacturing, WuXi Biologics is constantly exploring industry best practices and implementing innovative solutions to offer our clients more flexible, cost-effective, and sustainable services, advancing their therapies for patients worldwide.”

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