Wacker Biosolutions, the life sciences and biotechnology division of the Wacker Group, acquired a large-scale (800 m3) fermentation plant from Antibióticos de León SLU (ADL) in Spain. Wacker officials say the company will produce cysteine by fermentation for use in food and pharmaceutical products.

Through the acquisition, the Munich-based chemical company intends to invest a total of about €30 million to modernize the existing facility and add production equipment over the next few years, thereby creating some 35 new jobs at the site. The transaction is expected to close by year-end.

Cysteine is a natural amino acid that is widely used in the pharmaceutical, cosmetics, and food sectors not only to produce flavorings, but also as a processing auxiliary for breaking down gluten for bakery goods, as a radical scavenger in cosmetics, and as an expectorant in cough medicines.

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