Tridex Protein Analyzer’s reagent pack
The Tridex Protein Analyzer’s reagent pack can be used for 1,000 analyses or 90 days. [IDEX Health & Science]

Turning from upstream to downstream in antibody production depends on making enough of the protein. That’s not always easy to measure, but it’s simpler and faster with a built-for-purpose device. That’s what an operator gets with the new Tridex™ Protein Analyzer from IDEX Health & Science (IH&S), according to company officials.

First, what happened before the Tridex? In most cases, bioprocess operators measured the antibody concentration—the titer—with high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC), which is done offline. This technique takes some expertise and time, usually about a 24-hour turnaround. The Tridex relies on a consumable reagent pack and analysis module. The consumables are good for 1,000 analyses or 90 days. So, a user loads the modules, runs a calibration curve and then is good to go for three months—less if the 1,000 tests come sooner. For more on the process, see this IH&S video.

With the Tridex an operator injects a sample—or it can be set up with automated sampling system—and gets the IgG concentration in just under five minutes. When IH&S runs training, it picks the newest person on a company’s floor—the least experienced person—and “gets them up and running in a couple hours,” says Laura Madia, IH&S sales and marketing manager.

IH&S designed the Tridex specifically for bioprocessing. “IH&S started with manufacturing in mind,” Madia says. “So, the design and method were designed around bioprocessing and what manufacturers need.” The Tridex provides plenty of dynamic range—0.1–10 grams per liter—even though the platform is small—just 9.75 by 16 inches. “It easily sits on a benchtop or beside a tank,” Madia says, “and it’s scalable—mostly from cell-line development through manufacturing.”

As bioprocessing 4.0 gathers momentum, manufacturers will surely look for more devices made purposefully for specific tasks in the industry. With devices like the Tridex that can be added to an existing line or incorporated in the design of a new one, biomanufacturers can fine-tune a process through better tracking and optimization.

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