Strategies for Effective Cell Line Development

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Approximately 70% of all recently approved biopharmaceuticals were recombinant proteins expressed from mammalian cell lines. In turn, the need for more stable, scalable, and high-titer cell lines is on the rise. With the global cell line development (CLD) market estimated to grow to more than $9.8 billion (CAGR ~12.5%), this demand shows no signs of slowing down. More and more companies and institutions are looking for ways to streamline and expedite the CLD process to meet market demand.

This content collection will highlight the key challenges and points to consider during the CLD workflow, the impact early data-driven decision-making can have on later stages of development, and how to accelerate process optimization by incorporating innovative analytical techniques.

Whether you have the expertise and resources to perform CLD in your facility or need a fully outsourced service solution, Sartorius can help every step of the way, from gene cloning to cell banking, and beyond so that you can minimize risk and optimize outcomes.


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