Sartorius’ products will be combined with G-Con’s mobile cleanroom technology.

Sartorius Stedim Biotech and G-Con manufacturing have established a global collaboration to offer production platforms for biomanufacturing. The resulting product line will combine G-Con’s modular, mobile cleanroom pods with Sartorius Stedim’s single-use and reusable product portfolio, to generate an integrated production process platform that will be available as plug-and-pay tools for manufacturing facilities. Sartorius Stedim says it has incorporated its products into unit operations for media/buffer preparation, seed fermentation, cell cultivation and harvesting, ultra-diafiltration, membrane chromatography, and viral clearance for biopharma development and manufacturing.

“Our integrated solutions unit will complement G-Con’s platform of modular cleanroom systems into their designs,” explains Maik Jornitz, Sartorius Stem Biotech’s svp of marketing for bioprocess solutions. “Our vision is to create standardized unit operations, implemented into the self-contained G-Con modules. These modules can be used as individual process units or joined to an entire process.”

G-Con’s portable cleanroom module is a walk-in biological safety cabinet that can be sized to accommodate most upstream and downstream bioprocessing activities, and clustered to provide all necessary environments for bioprocessing and pharmaceutical manufacturing. The modules are completely self-contained for mechanical services and rely only on centralized chilled water and electricity.

The firm has already worked with firms and organizations including including Icon Genetics, Gradalis, and the Baylor Research Institute, on projects for the design and/or construction of facilities for the production of monoclonal antibodies, dendtritic cell-based cancer vaccines, and cell-based therapeutics. 

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