Samsung Biologics formed a strategic partnership for the long-term commercial manufacturing of Pfizer’s multi-product portfolio. Samsung Biologics and Pfizer entered into an initial manufacturing agreement in March 2023 for a Pfizer product.

Under the terms of the new agreement, Samsung Biologics will provide Pfizer with additional capacity for large-scale manufacturing for a multi-product biosimilars portfolio covering oncology, inflammation, and immunology. Samsung will use its newest facility, Plant 4, for the manufacturing of products.

“We are pleased to extend the strategic collaboration with Pfizer as we share and support their strong vision to bring innovative solutions for patients around the globe,” said John Rim, president and CEO of Samsung Biologics. “This new meaningful partnership comes just as our Plant 4 is fully completed early this month as we had previously committed and are on the move for future expansion into our second campus in order to provide our clients with even more flexible and advanced manufacturing technology.”

“Pfizer is excited to continue our strategic partnership with Samsung Biologics that aims to enable greater access to medicines for more patients across the world,” said Mike McDermott, chief global supply officer, executive vp, Pfizer. “This commitment is a reflection of Pfizer’s trust in the Korean pharmaceutical industry to address emerging health challenges.”

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