Companies expect to launch a product for the life sci market by 2013 and for the IVD segment by 2014.

Stratec Biomedical has agreed to co-develop and manufacture a full automated version of Quanterix’ SiMoA (single molecule array) technology for use in the life science and in vitro diagnostics (IVD) markets. Quanterix expects to launch the life science instrument in 2013, followed by commercialization of the IVD platform in 2014.

Quanterix will focus on developing content and pursuing molecular diagnostics applications. Stratec will be responsible for the platform’s design and manufacture.

“This new Quanterix detection platform will enable direct and non-amplified detection of pathogens at levels of sensitivity that could previously only be achieved with amplification methods,” states Martin Madaus, Ph.D., Quanterix executive chairman. “The system will allow for completely new clinical insights from the measurement of protein biomarkers that were difficult to measure due to sensitivity and precision limitations of conventional technologies.”

Quanterix will receive access to Stratec’s technology, which will be customized for advanced applications of SiMoA. In return, Stratec will receive payments as well as a minority stake of approximately 7% in the share capital of Quanterix based on achieving technological milestones. After completion of the development phase, Stratec will manufacture and supply the platform, and Quanterix has committed to order an undisclosed minimum volume of systems.

SiMoA is designed to enable researchers to validate novel, low abundance biomolecules from a single droplet of blood. Digital-based SiMoA yields a 1,000-fold improvement in sensitivity compared with current analog technology, according to Quanterix.

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