Q-Biologicals signed an agreement with Virbac, a French veterinary company. Q-Biologicals will collaborate with Virbac in the development of technologies and production processes suitable for Virbac biological projects in animal health. With this agreement, Virbac prolongs the existing relationship with Q-Biologicals and will be able to use the company’s experience in the production of recombinant proteins, viruses, and microbial live cells.

“The signing of a five-year framework agreement with one of the leading veterinary companies is a strong recognition of Q-Biologicals’ knowledge and practical experience as contract manufacturing company in the field of biologicals,” says Annie Van Broekhoven, Q-Biologicals’ CEO.

Q-Biologicals produces recombinant proteins derived from microbial and eukaryotic systems, and conducts purification for research purposes, toxicological studies, and clinical trials, including formulation development and stress stability studies. The company also has experience in the manufacturing of viruses and living cells for vaccine purposes.

Earlier this year, Q-Biologicals entered a service framework agreement with Bayer CropScience to produce and purify recombinant proteins for Bayer.

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