ProMetic Life Sciences and NantPharma formed an affiliate biopharmaceutical company, NantPro BioSciences, to develop and commercialize a plasma-derived biopharmaceutical product for the U.S. market. The newly formed U.S.-based company has entered into exclusive development, licensing, and manufacturing agreements with ProMetic.

Under these agreements, ProMetic has granted NantPro rights to its Plasma Protein Purification System (PPPS™) and prion reduction technologies for the exclusive development and commercialization of a plasma-derived biopharmaceutical product for the U.S. market. The agreements provide ProMetic with grant back rights to the biopharmaceutical product for markets outside the U.S., subject to payment of royalties by ProMetic to NantPro arising from ProMetic sales outside the U.S.

NantPro has engaged ProMetic for the development and manufacturing services, including the production in its Laval facility of cGMP bulk active batches to enable the IND filing and provide product required for bioequivalence clinical trials. Upon FDA approval, ProMetic will manufacture and supply the commercial requirements of the cGMP bulk active with NantPharma completing the final sterile manufacturing steps, expected to occur at its Terre Haute, Indiana facility.

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