Phenomenex says it will be spinning off a biological sampling company named Neoteryx. The name Neoteryx is derived from the word neoteric, meaning new or modern, and is intended to convey the new startup’s mission to deliver novel microsampling products, notes a company official.

Four years of internal R&D coupled with a co-development program with major American and European pharmaceutical companies resulted in the Volumetric Absorptive Microsampling (VAMS™) technology, explains Fasha Mahjoor, Neoteryx’ CEO. This technology and relating intellectual property developed at Phenomenex have been transferred to Neoteryx for the startup to begin manufacturing products for the collection, handling, and analysis of biological fluids.

Neoteryx’ first product release is the Mitra™ (RUO) microsampling device, which reportedly collects 10 µL of fluid in seconds. Neoteryx will continue to expand the technology portfolio to keep its funnel of microsampling products full, adds Mahjoor.

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