Laboratory acquired two Biotage peptide synthesizers and will provide training facilities.

The Laboratory of Peptide & Protein Chemistry & Biology (PeptLab) will contribute technical expertise toward future development of Biotage products. Under the agreement PeptLab will also provide training facilities for demonstrating the company’s peptide synthesis, purification, and resin offerings.

PeptLab acquired Biotage’s Syro II and Syro Wave®, two fully automated parallel peptide synthesizers, for its SOSCO Laboratory. The equipment will significantly increase its peptide production, while the microwave heating capability of the Syro Wave will help provide access to more challenging peptides, according to PeptLab.

Biotage produces tools and technologies for sample preparation, peptide synthesis, microwave synthesis, and flash purification. Biotage customers include pharmaceutical companies, NIH, CDC, and the Karolinska Institute. News of the collaboration with PeptLab emerged a week after Biotage announced two new positive pressure, solid-phase extraction platforms designed to reduce sample preparation time.

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