Novartis has opened its first biopharmaceuticals manufacturing plant in Asia. The facility, based in Singapore, will conduct commercial and clinical scale manufacturing and engage in process development (PD capabilities).

Last October, Novartis reported the construction of the new cell culture production site in Singapore with an investment valued at over $500 million. It is co-located with the pharmaceutical production site based in Tuas, Singapore.

“This investment further strengthens our strategy to establish key strategic sites based on technological competencies. Singapore will be strengthened through a new facility for biotechnology, which is a growing segment of our business,” Novartis’s CEO Joseph Jimenez said at the time of the October announcement. “We have chosen Singapore as strategic supply point as it offers a wide range of advantages due to its strong local biomedical presence and knowledge, skilled labor as well as proximity to growth markets in Asia.”

Novartis has several operations in Singapore including the Novartis Institute for Tropical Diseases (NITD), the Novartis Asia-Pacific head offices, and two production facilities for Alcon as well as one pharmaceutical manufacturing site.

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