Julien Camisan
Julien Camisan

The facility will be constructed over the next two years, according to Julien Camisani, director of global equipment of cell & gene therapy. “During that time we will have the opportunity to equip it with state-of-the-art IT infrastructure that will enable us develop the next generation of solutions for intelligent biomanufacturing,” he said.

The construction will be handled by Nemaco, a Dutch-Swiss based developer noted for its construction of custom buildings for multinational corporations. With the ongoing Bioprocessing 4.0 revolution occurring contemporaneously, the architects are attuned to changes in design that will no doubt take place over this period.

“Our current manufacturing process is robust and is undergoing continuous improvement,” Camisani continued “And our move to a new location will not change our commitment to this guiding principle. As the market is rapidly growing, the new facility will also enable us to better meet our customers’ needs.”

Camisani considered how Bioprocessing 4.0, which focuses on the digital transformation of biologics manufacturing, will expedite the overall goal of assisting customers in moving their products to market faster. “We have (in the past) and will always work (in coming years) to improve efficiencies and productivity for our customers so that it helps them lower their costs and move to market faster. Leveraging data will also drive our continuous improvement of quality control of the goods manufactured. In short, we will continue using data to improve our processes.”

In addition to its manufacturing capabilities, the new site will house a Center of Excellence that will feature advanced cell and gene therapy manufacturing facilities and will also serve as a base for European customer trainings and educational initiatives. GE sponsors many Centers of Excellence in Europe, China, and the U.S. These facilities marshal resources and staff to address specific technological demands.  The Grens facility will concentrate on molecular medicine.

The new site will complement GE Healthcare Life Sciences global network of manufacturing facilities in the US, UK, Sweden, and China, noted Camisani.

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