First product for fedbatch CHO processes has been launched following testing with 11 cell lines and clones.

Germany-based biotech products and services firm Miltenyi Biotec has teamed up with cell culture specialist TeutoCell to develop and market five new cell culture media. The first, CHOMACS CD, for the production of biopharmaceutical proteins, has now been launched and will be available through Miltenyi.  

CHOMACS CD is based on TeutoCell’s cell culture medium and provides a low osmolality for optimal fedbatch processes, Miltenyi claims. The medium has been tested with 11 cell lines and clones, including CHO K1, CHO DP-12 and CHO DHFR, and can generate concentrations of over 1.7 x 107 cells/mL, dependent on the cell line, the firm adds. CHOMACS CD represents the partners base medium and will be followed by a feed supplement.

Miltenyi and TeutoCell are in addition developing specialized culture media for HEK and hytridoma cells. The products will be chemically defined, as well as animal component- and protein-free or with low protein content, to facilitate downstream purification and regulatory compliance.

“TeutoCell is committed to continually improving cell culture technology, while Miltenyi Biotec’s expertise in cell processing, cell analysis, and GMP production makes it an ideal partner for us to develop innovative technologies,” remarks Stefan Northoff, TeutoCell CEO.

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