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In process monitoring is important for optimizing cell culture conditions such as nutrient concentrations, cell viability, and metabolite production as well as product quality attributes such as purity, potency and impurity levels to ensure that the final therapeutic meets safety, efficacy, and consistency standards. In biopharmaceutical development, effective in-process monitoring of critical parameters and product attributes ensures that scientists get the highest yield and best quality vaccines, monoclonal antibodies, recombinant proteins, and cell therapies.

In this GEN webinar, Dr. Magnus Wetterhall will describe strategies for implementing in-process protocols for monitoring critical quality attributes that get robust results in biopharmaceutical development. He will present Waters’ bioprocess walk-up solutions, which simplify operations from sample to results even for users with little experience of LC-MS analytics. These tools are designed to automate cell culture media measurements and efficiently capture product quality data during upstream processes. You’ll learn how implementing the right tools can reduce risks of batch failure, manufacturing delays, and eliminate human errors.

A Q&A followed the presentation allowing a chance to pose questions to our expert panelist.

Magnus Wetterhall
Magnus Wetterhall, PhD
Global Marketing Manager, Bioprocessing
Waters Corporation