Likarda and Cold Chain Technologies (CCT) inked an exclusive licensing agreement designed to improve the logistics needed for cell therapy manufacturing. This partnership will combine Likarda’s hydrogel technology with CCT’s expertise in advanced cold chain products and digital solutions to enhance the transportation and storage of biological materials and therapies.

Utilizing Likarda’s proprietary Core-Shell Spherification® (CSS®) technology will enable CCT to package these cells and other biological materials on dry ice, avoiding the need to transport them at extremely low temperatures, typically in liquid nitrogen (-196°C), according to Stella Vnook, Likarda’s CEO.

She adds that maintaining -196°C is logistically challenging due to the risk of mechanical damage from ice crystals and the need for specialized handling and equipment. This drives up costs and limits patient access to cell therapy to only those sites with the necessary facilities. Likarda’s proprietary CSS hydrogels form crosslinked polymer matrices that reportedly protect encapsulated cells and other biological materials during transportation.

Key benefits

Vnook cites four key benefits:

  • ice crystal prevention: the CSS matrices prevent ice crystal formation, which can damage cells during freezing
  • mechanical protection: CSS hydrogels shield biological materials from adverse mechanical stresses during handling and transportation
  • versatile applications: suitable for a wide range of temperatures, from cold chain conditions (2°C to 8°C) to dry ice storage (-20°C to -80°C) and even lower temperatures
  • enhanced stability: combining Likarda’s hydrogels with CCT’s packaging solutions ensures biological materials remain stable and effective during transit

“This collaboration sets new standards for the storage and transportation of cell therapies, improving the safety and reliability of these sensitive materials,” continues Vnook. “Leveraging Likarda’s technology and CCT’s global reach will expand both companies’ market presence and impact.”

“We are excited to partner with Likarda to develop and commercialize this transformative technology, which can revolutionize the way cryogenic shipments are done currently and can pave the way for a more efficient, cost-effective and scalable model to bring these lifesaving therapies to patients,” notes Ranjeet Banerjee, CEO of Cold Chain Technologies.

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