L7 Informatics and Triumvira Immunologics agreed to implement L7|ESP at Triumvira to enhance the digitalization of its manufacturing of next-generation cell therapies. Triumvira is a clinical-stage company developing novel, targeted autologous, and allogeneic T cell therapeutics that co-opt the natural biology of T cells to treat patients with solid tumors.

Instead of using a point-solution approach, Triumvira will implement L7|ESP to drive early integration of automation to support Triumvira’s manufacturing scalability with a lower cost of goods and improved reproducibility and consistency, according to Donna Rill, CTO of Triumvira. L7|ESP will also enable remote monitoring and proactive data management.

“With early incorporation of scalable automation, we can facilitate the availability of treatment to patients and decrease the time to market. Having a unified platform like L7|ESP, we can avoid having to implement several separate point solutions, which in turn saves us valuable time and energy,” explained Rill.

“In addition to being the first company in the U.S. to dose a patient with a therapy manufactured with Lonza’s Cocoon® platform, this new agreement is part of our broader strategy to address challenges in manufacturing and delivering autologous cell therapies to patients by being at the forefront of innovation.”

L7|ESP is a unified and composable platform with a single data fabric that reduces the total cost of operations while enabling the digital transformation of biologics operations, including research, process development, clinical operations, manufacturing, and quality control, said Vasu Rangadass, PhD, president and CEO of L7 Informatics, adding that the platform is compliant with the FDA and comes with several pre-built, best-in-class applications. Additionally, L7| ESP’s REST API library and Python SDK enable flexibility and extensibility to meet customer-specific requirements, he added, pointing out that Triumvira will go live with the L7|ESP Platform (including the Research, Development, and Lab packages), L7|HUB, and L7|Intelligence.

“Triumvira completely understands the power of early integration of digital automation and the need for a single data fabric to support a successful path to commercialization,” noted Rangadass. “This requires an integrated system approach like L7|ESP which offers robust flexibility and power. L7 enables you to start small and scale quickly from research to commercialization.”

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