KBI Biopharma signed an agreement with Merck to acquire Merck’s microbial process development and manufacturing operations in Boulder, Colorado. Effective May 1, 2014, KBI will provide ongoing development and manufacturing services to Merck, as well as to third-party customers.

“KBI will now offer expanded microbial development and manufacturing services up to 1,500 L scale, as well as continuing to offer our current full range of process development, analytical, and formulation development and mammalian manufacturing services up to 2,000 L,” said Joe McMahon, president and CEO of KBI. KBI will also continue to support other ongoing drug development programs for Merck from its two North Carolina facilities.

According to McMahon, KBI has helped to advance more than 220 molecules in 55 different health indications for over 170 clients around the world.

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