Codexis inked a platform technology license agreement with GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) allowing GSK to use Codexis' CodeEvolver® protein engineering platform technology to develop enzymes GSK can use to manufacture pharmaceutical and healthcare products. GSK can also use the technology to develop new therapeutic, diagnostic, and prophylactic products in the human health field. 

Per the agreement, GSK will pay Codexis up to $25 million over the next two years, including $6 million upfront and an additional $19 million once specific tech transfer milestones are reached. If GSK's application of the technology leads to successful projects, Codexis could get even more milestone payments ranging from $5.75 million to $38.5 million per project. Plus, Codexis could also pick up royalties based on net sales of a limited set of products GSK develops using CodeEvolver.

Codexis says this is the first time it's licensed CodeEvolver to any party in the healthcare field. According to the firm, biocatalysts such as those engineered using CodeEvolver technology can be used to improve pharmaceutical manufacturing by streamlining the manufacturing process and reducing costs, the use hazardous chemicals, and the energy intensity of the process.

“Our goal is to manufacture small molecules more efficiently and sustainably and this platform will assist us to do that,” John Baldoni, GSK's svp, platform technology and science, said in a statement. GSK is planning to install CodeEvolver at its R&D site in Upper Merion, Pennsylvania, once the tech transfer is complete.

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