Partnership will develop technologies and workflows for cell growth, handling, processing, and manufacturing.

GE Healthcare Life Sciences and Karolinska University Hospital established a collaboration to develop the technologies and workflows that will be needed to apply cell therapies routinely in a clinical setting. The goal is to address the need for reproducible technologies in areas such as cell growth, handling, processing, and analysis as well as protocols and workflows for manufacturing and quality control.

The partnership will combine GE’s cell biology and biomanufacturing capabilities with Karolinska’s clinical expertise in cell therapy. The ultimate aim is to solve the problems that currently prevent cell therapies from becoming routinely applicable, explains Johan Permert, Ph.D., director for development and innovation at Karolinska University Hospital.

“This collaboration is the first initiative to develop enhanced interaction between Karolinska University Hospital and industry,” Dr. Permert adds. “By involving not only researchers and industry partners but also the public healthcare system, we are aiming to develop methods and tools that accelerate the implementation of cell therapies into standard treatment.” 

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