DSM Pharmaceutical Products signed a collaboration agreement with Chemtrix to provide equipment, development, and manufacturing services to the pharmaceutical industry. According to Alexander Wessels, president and CEO of DSM Pharmaceutical Products, the agreement brings together the expertise of both parties in continuous flow chemistry to better serve the pharmaceutical industry with processes for the development and manufacture of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), which require new technologies to increase sustainability, reduce energy consumption, and provide benefits for cost-of-goods.

Chemtrix specializes in ready-to-use laboratory and kilo-scale microreactors, as well as reactor and process design for industrial reactors. DSM has expertise in drug synthesis route development, scale-up, and implementation of continuous flow processes for manufacturing. Wessels added that DSM achieved one of the first FDA approved uses of microreactors for making a pharmaceutical at commercial scale under current Good Manufacturing Practices at their facility in Linz, Austria, where their commercial scale installation is located.

Initially the DSM-Chemtrix collaboration will offer an industrial flow process development package to clients in order to provide tailor-made, scalable flow chemistry solutions. This package covers all phases of process design, from scanning chemistries, chemistry development, route scouting, equipment design, and scale-up for fully continuous or integrated processes, explained a DSM spokesperson.

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