Bota Bio, with offices in San Francisco and Hangzhou, China, and Zhejiang NHU, headquartered in Xinchang, China, report that they have commercialized their first collaborative project and established of a strategic partnership to cooperate in biomanufacturing.

NHU focuses on producing a variety of high-value-added products in a green, safe, and stable manner. As an industrial biotechnology company, Bota Bio says it has developed end-to-end technical capabilities from bio-computation and design to high-throughput screening, laboratory-scale validation, process optimization, pilot scale-up, and industrial production.

Leveraging NHU’s production experience in specialty chemicals, the collaboration has fully harnessed platform technologies, achieving the optimization and screening of industrial fermentation strains, notes a Bota Bio spokesperson.

Together, they maintain that have developed a new generation of industrial production strains with higher production efficiency and successfully implemented them in a commercial production setting. Both companies emphasize that they are committed to leveraging their combined strengths to introduce more environmentally sustainable products and solutions to the market.

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