Agreement covers nine immunoassays, six chemistry systems, and three automation lines.

Beckman Coulter inked a deal with CML HealthCare of Toronto, a lab service company, valued at about $25 to $30 million over five years. The company will deliver nine flagship immunoassay (UniCel DxI 800) instruments, six chemistry (AU5421) systems, and three full automation lines to CML. The new chemistry systems are upgrades to the existing Beckman Coulter products already installed at CML.

The UniCel DxI 800 is the latest addition to Beckman Coulter’s family of immunoassay systems. The system reportedly processes up to 400 tests per hour. With exceptional throughput, proven chemiluminescent technology, assay protocols similar to other analyzers in the family, and load “on-the-fly” capability, the company says that users can simplify and automate their immunoassay testing.

The AU5421 is a two-analyzer module that is part of the AU5400 family of high-volume analyzers. It allows 3,200 photometric tests/hour, 4,100 tests/hour with single ISE, and 5,000 tests/hour with dual ISE.

CML HealthCare is a community provider of laboratory services with 121 licensed specimen collection centers and one licensed lab that reportedly processes over 140,000 tests daily. Its network includes 110 medical imaging centers in five provinces across Canada with 79 locations in Ontario, 19 in British Columbia, nine in Alberta, two in Manitoba, and one in Quebec. CML HealthCare’s business also includes 23 medical imaging centers in Northeast U.S., with 17 centers in Maryland, five in Rhode Island, and one in Delaware.

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