Officials at the Asahi Kasei Bioprocess’ (AKB) Massachusetts Training Center (MTC) report that they have expanded 2024 class offerings designed for individuals across various stages of their careers. Courses will cover a range of topics, including, but not limited to, bioprocess overview, pathogen safety, and virus removal filter operators’ training.

AKB says it developed the MTC program to meet the needs of a “dynamic landscape that requires ongoing learning and skill development for success in the field of biopharmaceuticals.” By relying on the expertise of AKB’s business units, they can provide specialized courses with the most up-to-date and relevant information, according to AKB.

Coursework consists not only of group lectures consisting of 50–100 fellow students but also virtual labs where students can learn how to use microfiltration technologies.

Expanded curriculum and industry leader panels

This year, MTC has added three new Operators Courses and two new BioPulse panels for 2024. The Operators Courses include Basics of Bioprocessing, Principle Driven and Conceptual Learning in Bioprocessing, and Technical and Product Related Learning. These courses are intended to meet the needs of early-career professionals all the way to senior scientists and supervisors.

The new courses launched in 2024 are principles of tangential flow filtration, pathogen safety, and Planova filtration integrity testing. The BioPulse series is particularly suited for advanced career professionals to meet with other industry experts and discuss complex issues and challenges in biopharmaceuticals, notes an AKB spokesperson.

The newest addition to this series is a panel titled “Future of Bioreactor Technology and Data Trending,” which aims to facilitate discussion and shed light on the future of bioreactor technologies.

Accessible employee training opportunities

[To improve access for students,] “by offering our courses virtually and without cost to the student, we break down barriers to technical education and training, creating an inclusive learning environment where access knows no boundaries,” explains Don Gibbs, senior lab manager for AKB at MTC. “It’s not just about offering courses; it’s about empowering every student, no matter what stage of their career they are in, to reach their full potential, regardless of circumstances or location. By offering courses virtually, students do not need to travel or take time off to attend. This is of particular benefit to employers that want to introduce external training opportunities for a minimal cost.”

“My team has attended several seminars hosted by Asahi Kasei, and we cannot recommend them enough! The MTC team provides great background industry information to both newer and experienced team members,” says Christian Cavanaugh, supervisor of manufacturing at Pfizer and past participant in the MTC program.

“Asahi Kasei does a fantastic job delivering technical training via courses, seminars, webinars, etc. I have been fortunate in attending a handful of training sessions and am always impressed by the valuable (and up-to-date) content by the knowledgeable presenters,” adds Kyle Eichelmann, sales manager at Texcell, when asked about his experience with the MTC program. Asahi Kasei [also] is open to feedback to improve the sessions.,”

To see the complete list of course offerings at the Center which is located in Chelmsford, MA, visit MTC Operators Course Schedule 2024.

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