System will include array processing and data generation.

Affymetrix and Beckman Coulter plan on offering researchers co-developed products that provide optimized, robust solutions and end-to-end support for genomic research. This platform will provide researchers with standardized systems that include all components necessary to run Affymetrix genotyping and gene-expression assays.

The goal of the partnership is to yield an expanding list of Affymetrix-validated automated target-preparation methods, developed on an Affymetrix-specific configuration of Beckman Coulter’s Biomek FXp Dual Arm Multichannel with Span 8 Liquid Handler.

Major benefits will include the flexibility to process samples using Affymetrix GeneChip® Arrays or Array Plates with a single method, user friendly interface, rapid implementation of new methods, a validated platform, elimination of costly mistakes, and delivery of high-quality results, the firms report.

“Beckman Coulter’s long history in manufacturing quality automation platforms with proven reliability make the company the ideal partner for developing automated target-prep assays,” comments Kevin King, president and CEO of Affymetrix. “These products not only provide a much needed target-prep solution for our large installed base of GeneChip Array cartridge users, but very importantly, this agreement aligns with our strategic goals to re-engineer the Affymetrix platform. With automated target-prep robotics in front of our GeneTitan™ System, our customers will benefit from walk-away automation from prepared samples all the way through array processing and data generation.”

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