Abzena reported that the location of its new GMP manufacturing facility will be Sanford, NC, which will be Abzena’s sixth site in a global network providing integrated solutions and will be dedicated to cGMP manufacturing capacity for mammalian biologics.

The new facility will cost over $200 million and will generate approximately 325 jobs in Sanford, according to the company. The design of the facility has been optimized for Phase III and commercial manufacturing of biologics. A phased approach to construction will initially allow four modular suites, each of which will include up to two 2000L bioreactors. The initial phase will be followed by the addition of two further 2000L suites.

Additionally, the site will be equipped to handle existing and new advances in manufacturing such as continuous manufacturing and perfusion. GMP manufacturing will commence in mid-2022.

“We are delighted to announce the investment of our newest site in Sanford, North Carolina,” said Jonathan Goldman, MD, CEO of Abzena. “Our goal is to support our partners and the patients they serve with this expansion in cGMP biologics manufacturing services. We are pleased to provide integrated asset development with a full suite of in-house services from discovery through clinical and commercial phases without the need for technology transfer.”

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