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October 16, 2012

Top 10 Skills for an R&D Researcher

Want a job in research? Look here first.

Top 10 Skills for an R&D Researcher

If you’re hoping to find work as a drug discovery and development investigator, check out GEN’s list of 10 skills that will help you land the job. [AVAVA - Fotolia.com]

  • Ever wonder what heads of drug discovery laboratories look for when they decide to hire new researchers for their staffs? We’re sure you have. And so did we. So, we asked a number of top discovery scientists who have experience in both industry and/or academia about what they considered to be a good skill set for aspiring drug discovery and development investigators. We received their input and put together the list below, which details the most common responses we received from them.

  • Strong background in biochemistry, cell biology, and organic chemistry.
  • Solid training in a basic research laboratory.
  • Ability to handle large datasets and conduct expert data analysis.
  • Analytical thinker and critical problem solver.
  • Excellent time manager with the ability to work independently.
  • A technophile who’s neither afraid of technology nor enamored by it.
  • Experience in working as part of a multidisciplinary research team.
  • A knack for finding new drug discovery targets.
  • Ability to clearly recognize when your research project is taking you down a dead end.
  • A leader skilled in interpersonal communication.

Posted 2/19/2013 by Lakshmi Reddy

I have all these skills plus with 25 years research experience in Lab but i did not find job yet it has been 11 months i am out of job and i am a woman

Posted 10/23/2012 by Lidiya Angelova

I have all these skills + was postdoc at NIH,Bethesda,US but can't find a job for more than 2 years. I'm a woman, I'm from unknown eastern European country....and look good so that eliminates all my capabilities obviously. I am sure that the scientists that you asked were mostly guys :). So I if we want the list to be fuller and closer to the true world: 1st "skill" must be - being a male, 2nd - have connections!!!


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