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October 09, 2012

20 Top-Salaried Research University Leaders

Did your university president make the list?

20 Top-Salaried Research University Leaders

How do these figures compare to what biopharma CEOs or research institute leaders make? Check out GEN’s other lists to find out. [© 3desc - Fotolia.com]

  • For some who are interested in biotech research, their calling lies less with PCR and pipettes and more with managing the institutions that support that research. Raising funds, appointing new staff, overseeing research programs, and awarding scholarships, fellowships, and prizes are important duties. Yet, how much do they make for their efforts? Are they grossly overpaid or underpaid for what they do? And, how much do they make compared to what biopharma CEOs or research institute leaders make?

    GEN wants you to be the judge. Below is a list of leaders of major research universities, ranked by their total compensation for the most recent year such figures were available.

  • #20. Francisco G. Cigarroa, M.D.

    Chancellor, University of Texas System

    $756,700 in FY 2011–20121

  • #19. James P. Clements, Ph.D.

    President, West Virginia University

    $775,000 in 2012–20132

  • #18. Mary Sue Coleman, Ph.D.

    President, University of Michigan

    $845,105 in FY 2010–20113

  • #17. Drew Gilpin Faust, Ph.D.

    President, Harvard University

    $875,331 in FY 2010–2011

  • #16. Richard H. Brodhead, Ph.D.

    President and Professor of English, Duke University

    $969,394 in FY 2010–2011

  • #15. Lee T. Todd, Jr., Ph.D.

    President, 2001-20114, University of Kentucky

    $972,106 in FY 2010–2011

  • #14. Susan Hockfield, Ph.D.

    President, 2004-20125, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

    $1,006,969 in FY 2010–2011

  • #13. John L. Hennessy, Ph.D.

    President, Stanford University

    $1,033,557 in FY 2010–2011

  • #12. James W. Wagner, Ph.D.

    President, Emory University

    $1,172,397 in FY ending Aug. 31, 2011

  • #11. Allen M. Spiegel, M.D.

    Marilyn and Stanley M. Katz Dean, Albert Einstein College of Medicine of Yeshiva University

    $1,244,760 in FY 2010–2011