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September 25, 2012

20 Top-Salaried Research Institute Leaders

Capitalism appears to be alive and well in academia.

20 Top-Salaried Research Institute Leaders

These life science bigwigs are earning the most cash outside of industry. [© Dani Simmonds - Fotolia.com]

  • While not on par with most senior biotech executives, many scientists who run major institutes and academic centers ain’t doin’ so bad. In fact, a case could be made that they are not being paid enough. After all, these prestigious medical institutes and laboratories, which employ large groups of scientists from diverse disciplines, carry out many of the same research activities as biotech and pharma companies. They announce numerous medical breakthroughs and discover potential new drug leads. Their scientific and commercial value is validated by the many life science firms from all over the globe who choose to partner with them.

    Below are the salaries for chief executives of independent nonprofit research institutes during the period covered by the most recent publicly-available information. As a result, in some cases the listed chief executives have been succeeded by others; such leadership changes are detailed in footnotes. FY denotes Fiscal Year, which ends June 30 unless otherwise specified. CY denotes Calendar Year.

  • #20. Michael A. Luther, Ph.D.

    President, David H. Murdock Research Institute

    $240,601 in FY 2010–2011

  • #19. Kenneth Stuart, Ph.D.

    Founder; President, 1976–2012; President Emeritus, 2012–present1, Seattle BioMed (Seattle Biomedical Research Institute)

    $308,150 in FY 2010–2011

  • #18. Bertold Sakmann, M.D., Ph.D.

    Inaugural Scientific Director and Research Group Leader, Digital Neuroanatomy, Max Planck Florida Institute

    Emeritus Scientific Member, Max Planck Institute of Neurobiology

    $335,592 in CY 2010

  • #17. Leroy (Lee) Hood, M.D., Ph.D.

    President and Co-Founder, Institute of Systems Biology

    $382,844 in CY 2010

  • #16. Charles P. Emerson, Jr., Ph.D.

    Director and Senior Scientist, Boston Biomedical Research Institute

    $401,136 in FY 2010–2011

  • #15. Richard M. Myers, Ph.D.

    President and Director, HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology

    $418,101 in CY 2010

  • #14. Richard A. Houghten, Ph.D.

    Founder, President and CEO, Torrey Pines Institute for Molecular Studies

    $472,407 in FY 2010–2011

  • #13. Richard Woychik, Ph.D.

    President and CEO2, The Jackson Laboratory

    $541,735 in FY ending May 31, 2011

  • #12. Thomas J. Hudson, M.D., Ph.D.

    President and Scientific Director, Ontario Institute for Cancer Research

    $546,805.99 in CY 20113

  • #11. Christopher J. Elias, M.D.

    President and CEO, 2000-20124, PATH

    $556,287 in CY 2010 (filed Oct. 13, 2011)