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Durability of Tuberculosis Drug Increased through New Formulation

Scientists have developed a long-acting delivery system for the tuberculosis drug, rifabutin, that could increase compliance to treatment. The team combined rifabutin with biodegradable polymers and nontoxic, biocompatible solvents and injected the formulation subcutaneously in mice. The solvents solidify in the body upon injection generating an implant that enables the slow release of the drug over time. The new delivery system also allows higher loads of rifabutin in a single injection.

Drug Resistant Tuberculosis Could be Treated with Derivative of Tropical Plant

South Korean scientists have isolated and purified an active ingredient from Cynanchum atratum, a flowering plant used in traditional Chinese medicine, called deoxypergularinine (DPG) and developed and tested multiple analogues of the compound for their ability to inhibit M. tuberculosis without harming infected cells. PP derivates of DPG specifically inhibited normal and drug-resistant strains of Mycobacterium tuberculosis without significantly changing the intestinal microbiome in mice.