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Emergence of Hospital Superbug Predates Antibiotics

A new study based on whole-genome sequencing of 2027 blood and stool samples from an array of hosts between 1936 and 2018, shows antibiotic resistant strains of the hospital superbug E. faecalis emerged before the widespread use of antibiotics.

Trade-Offs in Competition and Cooperation Ensure Microbial Coexistence in Superfood Kefir

Scientists at the European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL) and Cambridge University use metabolomics, transcriptomics, and large-scale mapping of inter-species interactions to show microorganisms poorly suited for milk emerge as the dominant species through metabolic cooperation and the uneven partitioning of microbial communities between the milk and grain components in kefir.

Adaptive Clues from Microbial Mosaics in Your Mouth

Scientists at Harvard University have compared the microbial residents in the human inner cheek, teeth, and tongue and found them to be highly distinctive. These studies provide insights into bacterial population structure and biogeography in the mouth inform about bacterial habitat adaptation.